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Real Strong Mom with Melanie

Strength Training: From Intimidated to Strong & Confident When we decide we want to get fit and healthy we see strong, toned, and beautifully defined images in our head. We see active Mamas with busy kids, and healthy family habits. We desperately want this pretty picture to be our reality. But how do we get started? How do we make this dream a reality? For many years I struggled with an endless cycle of intense cardio I hated. After I had my 3rd baby the cycle started over again. I felt that to lose the baby weight I needed to push myself harder and eat less. I did this for a while becoming more and more exhausted, beat down and what many would call “skinny fat.” But then I found strength training and my life drastically changed. Strength training has been a lifesaver for me. I have f...

Squeeze It In!

I couldn’t be more excited to have Naomi, Katie and Sarah as our first feature! They are the founders of Boditone, the online fitness club for that busy mama. BONUS: Video included! (This one is on my Monday morning schedule) Featured Post by Boditone….. SEARCHING FOR YOUR PRE-PARENTHOOD FITNESS AND PHYSIQUE Boditone – we are an online fitness club for busy women, providing on-demand video workouts.  Created by Naomi, Katie and Sarah, three busy, fitness loving women who know it isn’t always easy to fit a workout into your already hectic day.
Using our experience and knowledge we have designed our workouts and tailored our healthy eating advice to inspire women of all ages to get fit, keep fit and stay fit for life. SEARCHING FOR YOUR PRE-PARENTHOOD FITNESS LEVELS