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About The Mama Sorority


Welcome to the Mama Sorority!

YAY! I’m so glad you found us!  We are so much more than an online platform. We are a group that not only helps one another with everyday life events, but we’re a group that wants to be there for one another. Make a true connection. We’re here to inspire each other, connect with one another & grow not only individually but collectively!

Welcome to our little corner of inspiring Mama Stories, healthy recipes & quick workouts to keep you sane, some laughs about life’s many milestones of motherhood and above all connections to amazing ladies just like yourself. Even though we all come from different areas of the world, different walks of life and have different ways we live our lives, we all hold a special bond that falls under the title “Mama”. We are a sisterhood that understands each other. We are the sorority that builds bonds between each other. We want to do good in the world we live in and raise our little humans to be the best they can be. We are ladies navigating through the many waves of motherhood, and I personally wouldn’t want to do it without you guys by my side!

From full-time working mamas, to stay at home mamas, and side hustlers looking to make a mark. Whatever title you hold, it all is under the umbrella, “Mama”. Let’s learn from each other, let’s ask questions and get opinions, let’s help and inspire.

They say if you’re missing something in your life, create it. As a full-time mama of a 2 year old little boy, my life is anything but relaxing. Between work, daycare drop off and pick ups, activities, dinners, house responsibilities, friendships always fall down the list of priorities. And making new friends is even harder. So I am creating a space and a community of amazing women that do amazing things everyday. I want to meet you! I want to build relationships and inspire each other to create and discuss ideas, life events, parent fails and wins! It’s a learning curve for us all, what better way to get through it but with amazing ladies by your side!

I have some great ideas brewing over here. Along side quarterly memberships, boxes full of goodies just for you, materials that help you reflect and create, but retreats that help you relax, take a “Mama Time Out” and get to know each other over good food, amazing wine and fun activities! (Stay tuned for more on these goodies)

“These women I can relate to. They are me, and I am just like them. So this digital corner is a place where stories of the women that do amazing things everyday, will be shared. From motherhood to full-timers, from side hustlers to multi-taskers. From play dates to stay at home superwomen. In other words, these are the stories, tidbits of information, and life experiences, funny, amazing and hard of the modern day superheros…AKA “mama”.

– Shan | Mother

Come hangout with us on our Mama Sorority Facebook Page! Say hello, introduce yourself and share what you do!

At this exact spot I’ll be sharing some fun, random, crazy moments in my life. Because when you have kids, nothing is ever private. LOL! (And I encourage you to share your amazing moments!)

If you would like to share your story, please contact me! I would love to hear all about your world and every day crazy, awesome story!

– Shannon | Sorority Founder


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