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Sara with Sarava Designs

Sara with Sarava Designs

Soon to be mama of 3, Sara is truly a talented lady. Working part-time, building a business around her babies, and making sure her son is staying away from her lists, she does a little bit of it all. Take a look into her daily life and around her shop of handmade, one-of-a-kind children’s apparel. I can’t wait to have our baby #2 to dress them in the Hipster Deer Leggings! So stinkin cute!

Thank you so much, Sara, for sharing your story!! Congrats on little baby #3 and all the success in Sarava Designs <3


{ Sara }

Tell us about you and what you do!
My name is Sara and I am the owner of Sarava Designs, an online baby boutique that sells one of a kind baby and toddler clothes, headbands, teething necklaces, blankets, and more. I live in small town Swisher, Iowa with my wonderful hubby/bowhunting fanatic Dan.  We have two precious and sassy little ones, Ava and Mack, and a 3rd baby boy who is due in September. I love sewing, food, wine, and the outdoors.  I’m happiest when I’m with my family and when I’m creating things!

Top Knot Hat – Organic Newborn Hat – Adventure Awaits Baby gift {$10}

Baby/Toddler Hipster Deer Leggings {$28+}

Girl’s/Baby/Toddler Black and White Stripe Skirt {$20}

Do you have a full/ part time job? Do you have a side hustle? What are they?
I work part-time as a Marketing Coordinator for an Architecture Firm.  Last year I decided I wanted to be a full-time stay at home mom, so I quit my job so I could stay home and spend more time with my kiddos.  After 5 months at home, I realized I needed that social outlet and more time to myself.  I missed my career and the people I worked with.  Staying at home with my kids full-time was the hardest job I’ve ever had.  Total shout out to you stay at home mom’s out there.  I do not know how you do it and stay sane! 

Walk us through a normal day of yours. Soccer games, daycare, work, dinner, ballet practices, what’s involved?
In a typical day when I’m at home with the kiddos, I’m usually getting my daughter ready for preschool and straddling my son while trying to brush his teeth.  After we drop off Ava, I usually take our little guy for a walk, or to the park, or some type of errand that needs to be run.  Then at nap time I get to sew and pack up orders.  At the end of the day when my husband gets home, we try and do something as a family, like go for a walk or drive by the lake, or get ice cream.  On the days I go into the office it’s always a crazy morning trying to get ready while also getting the kids ready and breakfast made for them before I drop them off at daycare. 

How do you prioritize your to do list?
I figure out how much time and energy I have that particular day and go from there.  Obviously the most urgent priorities (doctor’s appointments, work obligations, Etsy orders) are at the top of my list.  I also figure out what tasks I can hand off to my husband.  I no longer make lists…they either end up getting lost or eaten by my son. 

Do you get down time in your day? If so, what’s one thing you do for yourself daily?
If I’m lucky to get a little time to myself I enjoy taking a nice hot bubble bath or watch a good TV show with no interruptions!

How many hours of sleep do you get on a regular basis?
Right now, I’m enjoying a solid 8 hours of sleep. But that’s ALL going to change in a few months when our 3rd baby is born.

What was your inspiration behind Sarava Designs?
I was inspired by wanting to create something bright, unique and fun while pregnant with my daughter.  I started taking pictures of my designs and finally had enough to start my own Etsy shop.  My goal was to make enough money selling my products off Etsy that I could eventually go down to part time at my current job, thus being able to spend more time with my baby girl.  Luckily my shop took off and I was able to make enough money to go down to part time.  

Your line is absolutely adorable! Is every piece hand sewn by you? Making baby and children clothing is no easy feat, are you self taught?
Thank you!  Yes, everything I make is hand sewn by me.  I learned to sew at an early age from my Grandma.  She was an amazing seamstress.  I spent a ton of time with her and we would make my Barbies and dolls tiny clothes.  I took sewing classes in high school then eventually I learned the more technical aspects of sewing and design while studying Textiles and Apparel in college. 

What’s your favorite activity to do with the family?
I look forward to simple moments together as a family like spending time at the park or eating at our favorite local café. Our latest family tradition has been packing up the kids and going for Sunday morning hikes at nearby trails.

What’s one quote you stand by? 
“Life’s short – Buy the shoes, drink the wine, order the dessert.”

What fuels your inspiration?
I look to this big beautiful world we call home for inspiration, but it is my customers who inspire me the most 🙂

Rapid Fire Answer questions with one word or a short phrase ! GO!

List- maker? Phone or Paper?

What’s on the night stand? Book? Magazine? Wine?
Pre-pregnancy was wine, now it’s probably a stack of children’s books to read to my kiddos.

Your go-to meal when in time crunch – for the family.
PB & J

Your go-to activity for the kids if you need 15 minutes to get something done. 
Does playing with the IPad count as an activity?  

Do you have a favorite app that you can’t live without?

Favorite social media platform. 
I’m really terrible at upkeeping my social media. I’d have to say Facebook though.  

Favorite meal to cook when you have time.
Anything Italian that involves pasta, cheese, and bread. 


Words by Sara.

SARA is offering 25% off your next purchase until end of May!


Check out Sara and her work at the links below:

Website: Sarava Designs

Instagram: Sarava Designs

Facebook: Sarava Designs


Thank you for reading!!

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