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If you haven’t found this little gem on the web, you’re missing out! Kylie has built such a valuable source for mamas and beautifully curated with touches of soft pinks and blues.

Thank you so much, Kylie, for sharing your story!! Congrats on the success of your business<3


{ Kylie }

Tell us about you and what you do!
Hi! My name is Kylie, wife and mother of 2 girls and 1 boy! I am also the owner of The Nesting Mum. The Nesting Mum is a place for you to find all your pregnancy and newborn needs and wants, from the necessities to the luxuries.

We are an Australian based online directory bringing other Australian based pregnancy and newborn suppliers and services to you.
The Nesting Mum came out of wanting to find an easier way to source and buy pregnancy products during my pregnancy and also feeling that the support and knowledge wasn’t easily available to women.

Do you have a full/ part time job? Do you have a side hustle? What are they?
I haven’t returned back to work after the birth of my third child as we are really trying to get The Nesting Mum up and running. Also, my third child has a few health issues which keeps us busy with extra appointments and trips to the hospital.

Walk us through a normal day of yours. Soccer games, daycare, work, dinner, ballet practices, what’s involved?
A normal day is drop off at school for my 5 year old and Kindy (on two days only) for my 3 year old. On different days we have swimming lessons for all three kids plus we try to go on lots of walks and bikes rides to the park . I also try to catch up with friends regularly – there is nothing more important than a great support group (and that is for everyone – mums, dad, young and old, and kids too!)

How do you prioritize your to do list?
Ohhh tricky one! When it comes to the The Nesting Mum I always try to tackle the biggest project of the day first – get it out of the way and then the little things just flow. When it comes to the household and kids, I think what absolutely must be done today and do that first!

Do you get down time in your day? If so, what’s one thing you do for yourself daily?
There isn’t a lot of downtime at the moment with The Nesting Mum being very busy but when I do get downtime, I love yoga. It is so much for me – it can be slow or fast, hard or relaxed, you work out what your body and mind needs at the time and yoga will always have a way to help you meet those needs.

How many hours of sleep do you get on a regular basis?
I’m a little embarrassed to say …. Only about 5 hours at the moment. Oops!

I loved your intro story on your website. We’ve all been there. When was the moment you made the decision to make your idea a reality? What was your first step?
We’d been toying with the idea for a while – It really upset me seeing women not knowing their options or where to look for pregnancy products and services and I really wanted to help in some way. My husband is in IT so coming from that area, he was really encouraging me, saying that online businesses are the way to go. We got to a crossroad last year when I realized that my third child probably couldn’t go into daycare with his health issues and my oldest was starting school and would need to be picked up earlier (than she was being picked up at daycare) so I knew this was the time to make a jump.

What’s the hardest part about running your own business with a family of 3 little kids?
Separating the two!

What is your favorite listing on your website?
A place you love their products and use them regularly.

What has been your “ah-ha” moment of The Nesting Mum?
In my group, Nesting Mum’s group we discuss all things pregnancy etc, I get an ‘ah-ha’ moment whenever we get great questions and responses from the group and I know we are helping other mama’s out.

What’s one of your favorite quotes to live by?
She believed she could, so she did.

Rapid Fire Answer questions with one word or a short phrase ! GO!

List- maker? Phone or Paper?
Absolutely! Both but prefer paper!

What’s on the night stand? Book? Magazine? Wine?
Notebooks, water glass and moisturizer.

If you had an afternoon to yourself, what would you do?
Have afternoon tea with my beautiful friends.

Your go to activity if you need 15 minutes to get something done.

Favorite social media platform?
I am really starting to enjoy Instagram. It is fun to play around with pretty pictures and quotes.

Words by Kylie.


Check out Kylie and her work at the links below:

Website: The Nesting Mum

Instagram: The Nesting Mum

Facebook: The Nesting Mum


Thank you for reading!!

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