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Vanilla Cocoa Nice Cream Vegan Recipe

Vanilla Cocoa Nice Cream Vegan Recipe

Vanilla Cocoa Nice Cream

Do you like simple recipes?

Do you like a small amount of ingredients?

Do you like less sugar and less calories?

Well then, you are gonna love the recipe I whipped up for you today! It is a staple recipe in the vegan community. This recipe makes life easy, simple, and sweet 🙂

You don’t have to worry about a single thing when it comes to this recipe! Just worry about getting this decadent ray of sunshine into your belly faster. I know for sure that you will enjoy this recipe, especially when you taste and realize how great of an ice cream replacement it is!

Less sugar.

Less crap.

That’s all I need to say 😉

P.S.: I will not be putting down the prep time and servings because everyone works differently, and some people manage to create a totally different amount of servings. All is good as long as it tastes good!


•  3 frozen bananas
•  1 Tbsp of maple syrup, or your favourite sweetener! (dates, agave syrup, stevia, etc)
•  2 Tbsp of dat cocoa powwda!
•  1 Tbsp of peanut butter
•  1/8 tsp of cinnamon
•  1/4 cup of coconut meelk


Break up about 3 very ripe bananas into chunks and throw ’em into your freezer, overnight. (Some people seem to misunderstand bananas. When they go all spotty and beautiful that doesn’t mean it’s time to dump their behinds! That spottiness means it’s time to make NICE CREAM.)

2) The next morning, take the bananas out of the freezer. (The next step depends on the power of your blender. If you have a high speed blender -> blend your frozen bananas up right away. If you have a not so high speed blender -> let your bananas defrost for about an hour, so that your blender can blend them without struggling!)

3) Blend half of your frozen ‘nanas! Until smooth and creamy! Then add in the rest of the ingredients!

4) Blend the other half of your frozen ‘nanas until just as creamy. Then pour the two nice cream mixtures into your favourite Instagram-mable bowl, ’cause life is all about the aesthetics!

5) DIG IN and enjoy!

Fun Fact #1: Bananas are God’s greatest yellow gift, besides minions, to this planet! Bananas are a delicious and healthy snack, and can be used in sooo many freaking recipes (such as the one above)! Bananas are low in fat, delicious in protein, manganese, magnesium, potassium and a shizzle ton of vitamins! Bananas are also great as face masks for dry, peeling skin!

Fun Fact #2: Cocoa powder, even just saying it makes me smile, is a very decadent, yet slightly bitter (if not sweetened) ingredient in various recipes. Cocoa powder can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, and can reduce blood clots! Cocoa powder can also strengthen your cognitive performance and contains essential nutrients such as: calcium and potassium 🙂

Martika’s bio// Bio: I am a new personal blogger on the scene! I talk about anything and everything on, and I bring all the topics I discuss back to happiness!

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