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The Rebrand.

The Rebrand.

What’s in a rebrand?

I ask myself this very question all the time. I think it is essential for a company to stay fresh with it’s brand look and overall tone. But go to far or change to much and it could be departmental to the brand identity they worked so hard to achieve.

A brand is not just splashes of color, a pretty font and an icon that ends of being the badge of the company. A brand is what people connect with. They see a message through the elements of the brand identity. This is what resonates with them. They see a lifestyle. A movement. They see the same values within their own life that see within that brand.

A brand is powerful. It signifies the message to people without having to explain in a paragraph who they are and what they stand for. A powerful brand can be seen and instantly recognized by anyone outside of it’s immediate audience.

As a graphic designer, I find myself to be my hardest client. When I am branding for my company, I am my worst critic and the worst decision maker. But like I said, it’s critical. Brands grow from the day they start. We have grown from the one idea that has now morphed into a community of amazing people. To signify that growth and change, I believe the brand must change as well. Elements will stay the same, such as the logo but the over all tone needs to be updated to better service the amazing women that have joined our community!

Over the next month or so, we will be slowly implementing this design into all our channels. I would love some feedback as we introduce the look and feel throughout. Please reach out, let me know what you like and what you think doesn’t go with our message.


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