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I couldn’t be more excited to share Johanna’s story! I met Johanna not to long ago by landing a spot on her amazing podcast, Raising Women! Through our talks, emails and generally being addicted to her cause and purpose to helping raise her girl gang, I learned a lot about just how special this mama boss really is.

I loved reading her story and am truly inspired by her. Check out her podcast Raising Women, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Johanna for sharing!!




Tell us about you and what you do!
I’m Johanna, the founder of Raising Women. I live in Monaco and I am mother to Leandro 8 and Sienna Mae who is 4. I’m a #mumonamission to create a connected and supportive community helping women to balance motherhood with becoming who they were meant to be.


Do you have a full/ part time job? Do you have a side hustle? What are they?
No Raising Women is my full time job.



Walk us through a normal day of yours. Soccer games, daycare, work, dinner, ballet practices, what’s involved?
I get up at 6.55am, unloads the dishwasher and prepare breakfast, I get the kids up, dressed and fed. They will leave for school with either myself or my husband around 8.05am… I’ll then spend about 25 minutes getting household chores done, clear up kitchen, put a wash on that sort of thing. I’ll sometimes have a yoga class around 9.15am, otherwise I am in my home office working or with clients. I’ll have lunch around 12.30 and then afternoons again I’ll be in the office, with clients, recording for the podcast or be running errands. The children finish school around 4.15pm and we’ll be him around 5pm. Then starts the routine of homework, baths, dinner and then the bedtime routine. The kids will be in bed and chores done by around 9pm, if I still have a few urgent things to tie up for work I’ll don them quickly, otherwise I try and have a shower and wind down and get to bed before 10.30pm…


How do you prioritize your to do list?
I write a new to do list at the end of every day and highlight the 3 most important/pressing things that need done the next morning. I prioritize by making sure I’m organized with what is coming up first so I’m not feeling like I’m doing it all last minute. I’ll always get things that come onto the list unexpectedly, but I’m used to that now.

Do you get down time in your day? If so, what’s one thing you do for yourself daily?
I don’t get much down time as the days go pretty quickly, I try and so a yoga class at least once a week. That is why mealtimes are important for me. I cook a home cooked meal and eat at the table and make sure I take my time, I don’t sit at my desk, I also have made a ritual of a morning green juice and afternoon holy basil tea… I’ll then perhaps listen to an audio book or podcast on my way to pick the children up.


How many hours of sleep do you get on a regular basis?
That one depends on my children, especially my daughter at the moment! I try and get to bed before 10.30pm, but she sometimes has me up 4 times a night! So anything between 6 and 8 hours… I definitely really struggled with the sleep deprivation. 

Rapid Fire Answer questions with one word or a short phrase ! GO!

List- maker? Phone or Paper?

What’s on the night stand? Book? Magazine? Wine?
Books and journal

If you had an afternoon to yourself, what would you do?
Hike or read

Your go to meal when in a time crunch – for the family.
This doesn’t happen, unfortunately I have many intolerance and my son has sensory issues…. But a meal that the majority of the family will eat and if I haven’t got much time – Pasta with Tomato sauce! We are an Italian family! 😉

Your go to activity if you need 15 minutes to get something done.
My kids have a bit of an age gap, one will draw and then other will make something out of lego or geomag

Do you have a favorite app that you can’t live without?
No I’m more of a paper person

Favorite social media platform?

Favorite meal to cook when you have the time?
Oh my goodness, too many favourite meals, unfortunately I’ve been on such a strict diet recently I’ve been a bit robotic in the kitchen, sad for me as cooking is one of my passions. My husband loves slow cooked whole food, so would be something like a stuffed roast chicken, or seasonal super salad…


Words by Johanna.


Check out Johanna and her work at the links below:

Website: Raising-Women

Facebook: Raising-Women

Instagram: @rasing_women

YouTube: RaisingWomen

Twitter: @raisingyourwomen


Thank you for reading!!

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  1. This is so interesting! I need to prioritize my list more!!

  2. love this, I’ll have to check out her site and everything!! Love the q&a

    • You’ll really love her podcast!! Such a cool idea ✌🏻

  3. What a great article, and so parallels my own experience, especially the sleeplessness…. LOL. But as for lists? BOTH would be my answer. xoxo Robin

  4. Thank Robin!! I’m a double lister too! I love the convenience of the digital aspect but can’t get away from notebook and pen. It’s a tangible item that I must carry around with me all the time 🙂


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